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October 10, 2017

Rumpled Quilt Skins
I am so thankful for our outstandingly creative, hard-working and versatile teachers who have spent weeks of sleepless nights preparing this delightful assortment of Christmas and winter projects for you! It is the perfect time of year to delve into the dark season with these light-hearted decorator pieces... and there is so much for you to learn and experience in the way of techniques, stitches, and fabric selection... you're sure to find your head spinning with all the choices you'll make! To make it even more fun, you'll be inspired by your fellow students who always have new ideas and twists! We hope you'll be able to clear your calendar to join us for more than just one!

Please stop by early to choose your kit and begin your prep work.

See you soon!

Christmas Elves Christmas Elves Christmas Elves Christmas Elves Christmas Elves

We are pleased to present this year's line up of our Christmas Elves Projects:

"Jolly Snowman" Wallhanging

Monday, November 6
Recommended for anyone who has done at least a beginner appliqué class, and who wants to learn how to maximize the use of their decorative stitches in their machines.

"Dreaming of Christmas" Embroidered Pillow

Thursday, November 9
Recommended for anyone who owns an embroidery machine. The piecing and quilting can be simple or challenging - your choice!

"Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum" Table Runner

Tuesday, November 14
Recommended for anyone who has taken at least one beginner quilting class or who has quilted at least one quilt.

"A Gift for the Tree" ~ Tree Skirt

Friday, November 17
Recommended for anyone who has good command of their cutting skills and has done at least one quilt... and whose tree needs a new dress!

"Warming Up" Mitten Board

Wednesday, November 22
Recommended for anyone who has a creative lilt and who likes to step out of their quilting box... this project uses cotton fabric, burlap, wool felt, ribbing, photo transfer paper and specialty stabilizers.

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