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Old Hags Week

Book time off work! Clear your calendar! Clean up your sewing room - it's time for Old Hags Week! Join the throngs as we present a new project each day to help you prepare for the fall season... buckle up - it's only here for one week!

Kit purchase required for each class

No charge for instruction

Monday, July 17 - Friday, July 21

{1:00 - 4:00} or {6:30 - 9:30}

Kit fees vary!

To participate, you must purchase the kit from us (some custom colour selection is possible).
Class is FREE! Fun provided at no extra charge.
* * * * *

Owl Needle Nest!
Monday, July 17 {1:00 - 4:00} or {6:30 - 9:30}

This project is designed for those of you who have embroidery machines and who want a quick, easy gift for a friend, a special occasion, or a treat for your sewing room. This owl is constructed with three easy embroideries and holds your machine and hand needles in a safe and accessible place. We have kits in three colourways - or choose your own. There is very little prep for this class - please consider joining us - it would be a fun surprise for a sister, a daughter, or even a granddaughter who is learning to sew!
Kit cost $32.99 includes design CD, fabric and key ring.
* * * * *

Bats N Bones, Cats N Kettles!
Tuesday, July 18 {1:00 - 4:00} or {6:30 - 9:30}

So much to see... so much fun to create, this set of matching wall hangings are sure to set your home in the Halloween spirit! Easy and such fun appliqué has straight line piecing, and spooky characters that couldn't hurt a fly (or a spider)! It can be mounted on a canvas frame (then you don't have to quilt it!) or bound and quilted to hang in your window with suction cups. Put a backing on and make a couple of pillows, or gift it to your favourite goblins! Kit includes all the piecing fabric, wool felt, bats and skeleton, cats and kettles, a couple of keys, bats, eyes, and a miniature broom!
Kit cost $59.99
* * * * *

Batty Pillow!
Wednesday, July 19 {1:00 - 4:00} or {6:30 - 9:30}

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you? Well, it's only going to get worse when you take home this fluttering batty pillow! Scan N Cut owners - this is the perfect project for you to use your machine to cut out the bats! Be sure you have the purple blade, Terial Magic, and we can walk you through how to get a professional cut each time. Don't have any hangups about whether or not you can do this - it is simple, straight line sewing. Don't have a Scan N Cut? Scissors will work, too. Kit includes the felt to make the pillow, black and gray wool felt to create the 23 bats, and three sets of eyes to stare at you in the middle of the night! This is fun for a grandchild's room, to decorate your home for October, to donate as a prize, give as a gift, or put on your porch to fend off the real bats! If someone is driving you batty - present them with this to help them get the message.
Kit Cost $24.99
* * * * *

Steam Punk Table Runner!
Thursday, July 20 {1:00 - 4:00} or {6:30 - 9:30}

We've gathered up our favourite steam punk fabrics to construct this easy to complete table topper - perfect for your autumn arrangements, ideal to set under your sewing machine, smart to hang in a small alcove. This project is suitable for a beginner quilter (or an experienced quilter with no time)- achievable and easy to get done. The kit includes all the fabrics for the top, backing, and binding, instructions, and batting. Make more with your own stash and use them for other occasions... a night side table, on the mantel, over your island, as a valance in your motor home! Bring a friend and have fun together ... a little prep work is required - stop by today!
Kit Cost $39.99
* * * * *

Mad Hatter's Hat
Friday, July 21 {1:00 - 4:00} or {6:30 - 9:30}

You'd be mad as a hatter to miss this! Down the rabbit hole you go - no need to be late when you set your mind to create this unique fairy-tale inspired family heirloom. Curious and curiouser , you'll figure out that you have skills you never realized - make the hat from a foam base, learn how to create the curved flowers from fabric, make your own bird nests, embellish to the hilt, embroider the playing cards, Texture Magic a few flowers, add a bit of jabberwocky and you'll be grinning like a Cheshire cat at your results! Incorporate special touches with your own bits of jewellry, buttons, hat pins, and lace.
Kit includes foam, fabrics, feathers, ribbon, grommets, trims. You'll learn several techniques that you will be able to replicate in future projects - clear your calendar - it's a very important date!
Kit Cost $59.99
* * * * *

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